Ms. Caviare is a mild mannered woman who works for the Medabots Corporation. She has shoulder length black/brown hair, she made her first appearance when Seaslug of the Rubberobo Gang attempted to sneak into the Medabots corporation to find and steal rare Medals.

She and Seaslug fall in love (though she calls him by his alias "Mr Tunahead"), and for a while Seaslug considers leaving the Rubberobo Gang for her, but after a miscommunication, he thinks that she is seeing someone else. He attempts to steal the brand new Belzelga, believing it to contain a rare Medal, and he takes Belzelga to the roof of the Medabots Corporation and reveals his true identity. After a fight with Metabee, Belzelga is stopped and he escapes. She attempts to tell him that she is not seeing anyone and that she loves him, but the noise of the helicopter muffles her cries. She still is madly in love with him even after learning the truth and keeps a picture of him in a locket.

Later in the series, she learns that Seaslug has become the Chairman of the Medabots World Cup and tries unsuccessfully to meet with him. She then blackmails Dr. Aki and the Phantom Renegade into letting her don the gold mask of Space Medafighter X and fights team Kenya using a Belzelga.

At the end of the last episode, she tries to convince Seaslug to leave the Rubberobo Gang. He declines and so she decides to join them. Seaslug removes one of his gold antennas and sticks it on her head saying "Consider this our engagement".
Seaslug Ms Caviare

What a lovely couple of evil!

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