Nae Aki
Nae Akihabara
English Voice Actor(s):

Ashley Taylor

Japanese Voice Actor(s):

Risa Mizuno






Dr. Aki (Grandfather)







First Appearance

Kilobot Rising

Last Appearance

Final Goodbyes

Nae Aki (offen referred to as "Miss Nae") is Dr. Aki's granddaughter and a prominent character in Medabots Spirits.

In the anime

Young Nae

Young Nae

Nae is the granddaughter of Dr. Aki, although they do not look very much alike. Nae worked in the Medabots Corporation as a scientist, but she changed her job to repair the Medabots of small children. She gave Metabee's new parts to Ikki and appears as a kind of mentor to him during Medabots Spirits.

She met Zuru when he was a small child and, by pure chance, found out about his work as the Mystery Medafighter. She taught him how to Robattle with her Medabot, Honey.

In the games

Nae appears in the RPG games as a character who works in the Medabots Laboratory, together with her grandfather. She has a long, black hair and wears a laboratory outfit. She is usually depicted as a kind woman, always being some kind of support to Ikki, and provides him with Medals throughout the game.

Nae will battle Ikki with the elemental series Medabots which includes Windsail / Aquacrown (depending on version), Saldron and Earthkrono.

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