First Appearance

Love At First Bite

Last Appearance

Metabee's Last Stand

Natalie (named Nadako in the Japanese version) is a girl with red hair and glasses who appeared in two episodes of the Medabots anime series.

Young Natalie

Young Natalie

Natalie is the daughter of a famous restaurant owner who made small octopus balls in her town (Osaka in the Japanese version). However, her father changed and put dry meat in the octopus balls and people stopped coming. She met his Medabot and chef, Octoclam, and when she grew up, she decided to travel around Japan to give back the prestige of her father's restaurant.

She meets Ikki and Erika when she arrives in Riverview. Everyone in town adores the food, however, Ikki is the only person to say they're bad (too salty or too big). Natalie falls in love with him, believing that his critique of her octopus balls will allow her to become a better cook and he is doing so out of love. She later realizes that Ikki is third in the rank of Japan's Medafighters.

Natalie loves Ikki

Natalie loves Ikki

Natalie wants to go to the tournament as well, to promote her octopus balls. She Robattles against Ikki but loses. She later goes elsewhere to improve her culinary skills and meets Nathan's older brother, whose contradictory critique of her food results in Natalie falling in love with him. Her second appearance is the last episode of the series. Her Medabot (Octoclam) appears with her and gives power to Metabee in Giant Metabee.

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