Series Name
Season 1 (Japan), 2 (U.S.), Episode 8 (Japan), 6 (U.S.)
Air date 8/20/1999 (Japan), 7/12/2002 (U.S.)
Written by Reiko Yoshida (script) & Jun'ichi Sakata (storyboard)
Directed by Jun'ichi Sakata
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Episode 8: 迷子のメダロット (Maigo no Medarotto) / The lost child's Medarot

Episode summary

Ikki helps Erika with her homework assignment and while they were researching, Ikki's Medabot, Metabee finds a rare Mermaid Medal and discovers that it belongs to a lost female Medabot.


There is still hope

Ikki and Erika have a homework assignment due. Erika had decided to write an expose on Medafighters, and Ikki reluctantly joins her. While researching for Erika's paper, Metabee finds a Mermaid Medal. Ikki explains that a Mermaid Medal is very rare and valuable and belongs to one of the coolest and most beautiful Medabot types.

Ikki places the Medal in his Medawatch and discovers the Medabot's name is Oceana, and a young girl by the name of Hannah is her Medafighter. Brass offers her body to use in locating Hannah who had moved away several weeks ago. By tracing Oceana's memory bank, they are led to a tunnel where miraculously they find Hannah. Unfortunately, Oceana's body turned up missing after the move.

The gang set out to find Oceana asking everyone and anyone for information. Finally, their search leads them to a very large secluded home. The boy who lives there (Norbert) refuses to return Oceana. Ikki and Erika climb over the large gate and creep up to the house. Peering through a large window, they spot Oceana floating in a biotank that is transport proof. Suddenly, another one of Norbert's traps send them outside the gates.

Erika has a plan to get inside. She orders food from every place that delivers. Once inside, they encounter Norbert with his crab-type Medabot, Kuraba, and an official Robattle is declared.

Take your hands off her!

Ikki tells Metabee to keep his distance, because Kuraba's punch attack is damaging. Per Ikki's instructions, Metabee uses his rapid fire attack. One of his shots destroys Oceana's biotank setting her free. With Oceana's support, Metabee is able to defeat Kuraba.

Hannah and Oceana had to leave saying their goodbyes in a single note. Metabee is devastated for he was in love. Will Metabee ever see his love again? Only future episodes will tell.


Despite being episode 8 in the original chronology, this episode became the 32nd during the Western showing, playing during the second season (World Robattle Tournament).