Pure Mermaid
Model No. M2-MAR-0
Head: Allrepair
Right Arm: Cure Hand
Left Arm: Repair Arm
Legs: Purple Fin
Medarot, Medarot 2, Medabots AX, Medarot 2 CORE, Medarot (anime)

Pure Mermaid (ピュアマーメイド), english name Oceana, is a MAR-type Medarot that first appears in Medarot 1.


Due to the severe overespecialization aspect of the games, where a Medarot is only intended to do one type of action, she can do absolutely nothing but Heal. Additionally, her Leg Part, the Purple Fin, are Sea-type, meaning that she is far from being the most mobile Medarot in the games (outside water environments), and generally not useable as a complete set, unlike certain other female Medarots.

Being Healing parts, Pure Mermaid's Parts are most compatible with the Mermaid Medal, as should be obvious. A good setup is to use either her Head or her Right Arm as a healing part on a Medarot with fast legs and decent armor.

In the anime

After Metabee finds a stray Mermaid Medal on the ground, they try to find the Medarot that it belongs to. They try teleporting the body with Ikki's Medarotch, but it doesn't work. Instead, they decide to place said Medal in Brass's body until they can find it.They find out her name is Pure Mermaid and she is being held captive.

Throughout the episode, Metabee falls head over heels for Pure Mermaid. She is sweet, shy, and an almost too-good-to-be-true damsel in distress but she loves another metabot.

Later on, near the end of the first season, she appears again to cheer on Metabee in the final battle against Primity Baby.

In the games

In Medarot

Pure Mermaid is a generic enemy Medarot in the original games, never much of a threat on her own. Her main ability is to heal herself and her allies, although she is at severe disadvantages when built as a whole.

In Medarot 2

Pure Mermaid cannot be found other than by trade with the original games. She was replaced with her upgraded form, Maitin.

In Medarot 2 CORE

Pure Mermaid returns as a generic enemy Medarot, still not a threat and retaining the same abilities as before. She appears in the same context Maitin did in Medarot 2.

In Medabots AX

Pure Mermaid is Julie's leader Medarot, but she has Pateri Vulcan instead of Cure Hand. Her parts are seen everywhere.

You start with All Repair.

In Medarot DS

The head part now uses All Repair, which heals all parts simultaneously.



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