Memories of his old Medabot, Bayonet cause Ginkai to enter an official Robattle tournament where he is forced to choose between his honor and his friendship with Kam.

Full Recap

Ginkai sees the friendship between Ikki and Metabee continue to increase. It makes him wish he could have that bond with Unitrix until he remembers his original Medabot: Bayonet. Bayonet was a smart aleck Medabot just like Metabee that always got on Ginkai's nerves. It got him so infuriated, that he ejected Bayonet's Medal and buried it. Then he sold Bayonet's body.

Of course Kam saw this as an oppurtunity, and offered Ginkai the first Medabot without any feelings, also known as a Kilobot. Ginkai proved to be a great success with these Kilobots as he defeated everyone except Ikki, but now a Robattle tournament is being held, and Ginkai decides to enter.

It's no surprise that Ikki and Metabee also enter the tournament, but joining them is The Screws and Zuru. Zuru loses in the first round helping to keep his identity as the Mystery Medafighter a secret, but Samantha, Ikki, and a masked fighter advance to the semi-finals.

Ikki and Metabee realize the masked fighter is Ginkai, but they are shocked to see him playing by the rules. Metabee easily wins his semi-final match, and then it's time for Ginkai versus Samantha. They figure if Ginkai is going to cheat, now would be the time.

Ginkai doesn't cheat, and Unitrix beats Peppercat with ease. Ikki begins to respect Ginkai as a Medafighter, and just as the championship match is about to begin Kam shows up with a repaired Redrun. Redrun then gives Metabee a pounding so good that his Medal ejects, and Kam commands Redrun to destroy Metabee's Medal.

The kids at the fight realize that Ginkai is a good person, and they begin begging him to help save Metabee. Just before Redrun can destroy Metabee's Medal, Ginkai sends Unitrix down to stop the battle. Now it's Kam versus Ginkai for a moral championship, but can anyone defeat Redrun?

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