Ginkai rediscovers the friendship of his first Medabot, Bayonet, but will he put that friendship in jeopardy by answering Kam's challenge?

Full Recap

After preventing Kam from using Redrun to destroy Metabee, Ginkai realizes he should have always been a fair Medafighter. He sends Unitrix to battle Redrun, but Unitrix gets slaughtered. The Mystery Medafighter then appears and summons Roks to battle Redrun. Roks defeats him and Kam runs away, but not before making a vow that Ginkai will be his enemy from this time on.

Seeing that both Medafighters can't battle, Dr. Aki declares the championship a tie and allows both Ikki and Ginkai to take either Arc-Dash or Tyrelbeetle, but Ikki declines saying that Ginkai would have easily beaten him, so Ginkai gets to keep both Medabots.

At Ms. Nae's shop, she repairs Metabee, but Metabee now has a memory loss. Seeing Unitrix destroyed beyond repair, Ginkai decides to get revenge on Kam by using Arc-Dash, but he doesn't have the money for a Medal. The he remembers that he buried Bayonet's Medal. He runs and retrieves Bayonet's Medal, but Kam cuts him off. Kam doesn't want any competition.

The Mystery Medafighter appears again, but Roks is clearly no match for Redrun. Roks gets run over, but it allows Ginkai to summon Arc-Dash and put Bayonet's Medal in him. Then seeing that Arc-Dash doesn't stand a chance one on one, he gives the Mystery Medafighter the Medawatch for Tyrelbeetle.

Even wih Arc-Dash and Tyrelbeetle together, Redrun easily defeats them until a new command appears on the Medawatches: Medacombo. Arc-Dash and Tyrelbettle combine to form Masterbeetle and defeat Redrun causing Kam to vow revenge again.

At the end Ginkai shows up at Ms. Nae's shop to challenge Ikki to a Robattle. Metabee is clueless as to what's going on until Arc-Dash smacks the side of his head restoring the memory power. Metabee becomes his old self, and Ginkai becomes a true Medafighter instead of a rogue one.

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