Model No. M2-BOP-0
Paradise Bird
Head: Eagle Belt
Right Arm: Hawk Hand
Left Arm: Swan Arm
Legs: Turkey Leg
Medarot 2, Medarot 2 Core, Medarot (anime)

Paradiver (パラダイバー) is a Medarot based on a bird of paradise that first appeared in Medabots 2.


Paradiver is based on a male bird of paradise with bright and colorful plumage. It is a flying Medarot and serves a supporting role in battle. Its name comes from a play on para-diving (another word for sky diving) and Paradi + Bir from "paradise bird". ("Bir" and "ver" sound the same in Japanese.)

In the games

Paradiver is a flying Medarot that uses Force Up actions in its Medarot 2 and Medarot R appearances. In Medarot 2 Core, these were replaced with Force Drain. Its parts have the Rebirth attribute and are compatible with the Angel Medal.

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