Model No. M2-CAT-1
Head: Light Circuit
Right Arm: Light Jab
Left Arm: Light Blow
Legs: Quick Alert
Medarot 2, Medarot R, Medarot 2 CORE, Medabots AX, Medarot G, Medarot DS, Medarot (anime), Medarot 2 (manga), Medarot DS (manga), Medarot TCG, Toys

Peppercat (ペッパーキャット) is a CAT-type Medarot modeled after a cat. She is the upgraded version of Magentacat.


Peppercat's design is that of a cat. Unlike Magentacat, the thunder on her forehead is missing, having a yellow forehead with a black line and a screw-like decoration at the top of this line. She has got thicker legs, and her "skirt", instead of having female plugs, has male plugs on the endings. Like Magentacat, her tail resembles a wire. She, battle-wise, excels at high-speed strikes, electrifying her opponents.

In Medarot DS she has paw-like patterns under her arms, which are in a black background.

In the anime


Peppercat defeats Doctor Study. Her Light Blow part is destroyed.

Peppercat, like in the games, is owned by Samantha. She does better at robattling than her mates: Kiethturtle, due to him being slow, and Cyandog (later Krosserdog), who does poorly at robattling because his Medal is not compatible with his parts. She appears many times during both series since the first episode, when she was robattling against Doctor Study.

Due to Kikuhime's tomboyish personality, she kept using male parts, to increase her power. Unfortunately for her, this never works as hoped. This is because none of the male parts are compatible with the Queen Medal.

In episode 8, she lost to Escarloader because she was equipped with heavy parts: Decoy Crab and Death Beam. Both parts are not compatible with Peppercat, this could be due because Peppercat is female and the attached parts are designed for male tinpets, or maybe because the attached parts are not compatible with her Medal.

She used male parts again in Medarot Damashii, but this time using Gairot's legs, Nozarashaa. However, she wasn't able to control them very well.

She is infatuated with Arc-Dash and returns his love and affections with her kind and loveable treatment to him, even going as far as calling Arcbeetle-Dash her hero, be lovely in thanking him personally and ask Samantha to thank him and Ginkai as well after they saved her from Unitrix and Exor at the first time they met, what strongly implies it was "love at first glance" between the two Medabots.

In the games

In Medarot 2 and Medarot 2 CORE

Peppercat's most important role is played when Metabee/Rokusho, because of an unexpected force, deals an amazing amount of damage to her, Kiethturtle and Bluesdog (Cyandog in the remake). Later she just appears as Kikuhime's main Medarot.

In the remake's English version, her right arm is mistakenly written as Light Jump instead of Light Jab.

In Medabots AX

Peppercat is owned by Kikuhime as her leader Medarot, who appears in the Tournament stage, 11th robattle. Some Medarotters such as Arika and Julie have some but not all of Peppercat's parts.

She is also the fastest female Medarot in the game. Three of her parts are the best together with Saintnurse's Holy Wall.

In Medarot DS

This is the first time Peppercat is seen with another owner: Sakura Ooshima, leader of The Willows. Her series number is now CAT01-F.



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