Model No. M4-PEN-0
Head: Reza-Rector
Right Arm: Free Arm
Left Arm: New Arm
Legs: Fin
Medarot , Medarot 2 , Medarot 2 Core, Medarot 4, Medarot R, Medarot Brave, Medarot DS, Medarot (anime), Toys

Pinguen (ピンゲン), english name Pingen, is the first PEN-type Medarot.


Pinguen is a gentle and behave medarot. She can only do one thing: repair deactivated parts. She has a false ribbon on her body, making her look very lovely.

Although Pinguen has a high evasion, her Fin part will be easily blown if the enemy's attack succeeds.

She is relatively fast for a sea Medarot.

In the games 

Pinguen is an aquatic Medarot that specializes in using Revive actions to restore her allies' broken parts. Although fast, her armor is very weak, making her a frail but useful partner Medarot to bring along in battle.

In Medarot 1, 2, R, and 2 Core, her parts have the Revival attribute, making it an obvious choice for use with the Penguin Medal.

In Medarot 1 

Pinguen's right arm is the fastest Revive part in Medarot 1, and her head is the only part in the game capable of reviving multiple parts at once.

Her parts can only be obtained as a gift from Kirara in the post-game, and only if the player has met the conditions for Kirara's ending. (The player receives Acehorn's parts instead if they get Nae's ending.)

In Medarot 2 

Pinguen's parts are not normally obtainable in Medarot 2, and must be transferred over from Medarot 1. She was replaced by the new PEN-type, Pentachin.

In Medarot 2 Core 

Pinguen replaces Pentachin and is used by office lady Medarotters.

In Medarot Brave 

Quote: Are you in trouble? Call Pingen! Pingen can repair your broken Medaparts!

In Medarot DS 

Her series number is now PEN00-F.

In the anime

Pinguen is Paco's Medarot. They are seen in Episode 19 (36 in the dub version). Pinguen is incorrectly referred as a male in the English version.


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