Model No. M4-PEN-0
Head: Reza-Rector
Right Arm: Free Arm
Left Arm: New Arm
Legs: Fin
Medarot , Medarot 2 , Medarot 2 Core, Medarot 4, Medarot R, Medarot Brave, Medarot DS, Medarot (anime), Toys

Pinguen (ピンゲン), english name Pingen, is the first PEN-type Medarot.


Pinguen is a gentle and behave medarot. She can only do one thing: repair deactivated parts. She has a false ribbon on her body, making her look very lovely.

Although Pinguen has a high evasion, her Fin part will be easily blown if the enemy's attack succeeds.

She is relatively fast for a sea Medarot.

In the anime

Pinguen is Paco's Medarot. They are seen in Episode 19 (36 in the dub version). Pinguen is incorrectly referred as a male in the English version.

In Medarot Brave

Quote: Are you in trouble? Call Pingen! Pingen can repair your broken Medaparts!

In Medarot DS

Her series number is now PEN00-F.


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