Rintaro Namishima

Rintaro Namishima

Rintaro Namishima is a Medafighter who appears in the Medabots anime series. His first ever appearance was in the Japan-only manga series, Medarotter Rintarou and Medarot R. He is voiced by Jacqueline Pillon in the English version.


He's a short kid, who has a lively personality. He has a spiky, red and black hair, with a red shirt and wearing brown shorts. He speaks a lot and tends to have a lot of energy.

In the anime

Rintaro is a loud-mouthed, fast-paced Medafighter who expresses a serious passion for Robattles. When he first appears, his Medabot, Kantaroth, is mistaken for Metabee when causing trouble in Robattles.

In Medarotter Rintarou

He's the main character owning a Kantaroth. He later upgrades it to Arcbeetle when he loses to Ikki too many times, finally getting tired of it and designing Arcbeetle himself before sending the blueprints off to the Medabots Corporation to be manufactured. In the show he did not design Arcbeetle.

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