A Robattle (or Robottle in Japanese) is an activity in which a Medafighter competes against another using his/her Medabot in a battle. The winner is the Medafighter whose Medabot causes the opponent's to cease function first. It is usually monitored by a referee, usually in the anime by Mr. Referee, however, if no referee is present, the match will take in no rules, and will not count for point if there is a winner, also, no Medaparts are given to the winner from the loser. If the Medafighters engage in a Submission match, instead of a Standard match (where no referee is present), the winner of a Robattle gets to take a part of his/her choice from the Medabot of the loser for keeps.

In the anime, the match can end prematurely if a Medabot with a shooting Medapart points it to the opposing Medabot's head part, mostly when the Medabot is stuck and unable to gain stance. This was first done by Cyandog when Metabee tripped over him, leading him to be stuck in a trash can when Cyandog sat down, this was in Meet Your Meda Maker, the second time that happend is in Once Frostbitten Twice Shy, when Metabee points his Submachinegun at Snowbro's head part, while Snowbro is unable to get out of the snow, and Snowbro waves a white flag, a symbol of surrender.

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