When Medabots and Kilobots start becoming zombies, it's up to Ikki and Metabee to save the day, but can Ikki overcome his fear of zombies to give Metabee strength?

Full Recap

Ikki is afraid of zombies due to the recent games he played. Kam sends a Medafighter with the vampire-type Kilobot Dracudon after the whole of Riverview and Samantha is forced to lure Ikki and Erika with the help of The Screws. Peppercat attacks Brass, turning her into a zombie. With all the town's Medabots changed into zombies, Erika and Ikki run away but get attacked by Dracudon. The duo try using zombie repellents like garlic then Ikki gets Metabee to disengage his arm Medaparts, reviving the victory-seeking Medafighter. The Medafighter sprays the vaccine on the infected Medabots and wakes them all up. Ikki, Erika and The Screws then challenge Kam in a 5 vs. 1 against Kam's Kilobot, Cutter, and Kam speeds off. Miss Nae then repairs Dracudon's Medaparts with Metabee asking silly questions to Dracudon.

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