Model No. M4-KWG-5
Stag Beetle
Head: Twin Headset
Right Arm: Forvice
Left Arm: Intense Beat
Legs: Wind Flack
Medarot 3, 4, Navi, DS, and 7 (Japan only)
Medabots Spirits (anime)

Roks, called Dorcus in Japan, is a KWG-type Medabot based on a stag beetle. It's the upgraded version of Rokusho.



Medachanged form

Roks is a Medabot similar to a Stag Beetle. Being a KWG-type, it is mostly focused on grappling and scanning techniques, which makes it suitable to use grapple-based Medals like the Kuwagata Medal. However, his Medachanged form allows it to also shoot both Anti-Air and Anti-Sea missiles to its opponents, and it can also move effectively in rough terrain.

In the anime

Roks M

Roks in the anime.

Roks is a Medabot dedicated to destroying Kilobots. His Medafighter, Zuru, only fights with Roks when disguised as the Mystery Medafighter. At one point Zuru replaces Roks with the Kilobot Exor, but Ikki convinces him to take Roks back.

In Medabots Infinity

In this game Roks is used by Koji Karakuchi.

Quote: Rush at enemies left and right while holding them with my Head Medapart! I'm simply perfect.

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  • Saikachi, Roks' KBT-series counterpart.
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