Model No. M4-KWG-1
Stag Beetle
Head: Antenna
Right Arm: Chanbara Sword
Left Arm: Pipo Hammer
Legs: Tatacker
Medarot 1, 2, 3, 4, R, G, Navi, DS, and 7 (Japan only)
Medabots (GBA), Medabots AX
Medabots (anime), Medabots (manga), Medabots TCG

Rokusho is a KWG-type stag beetle Medabot that first appeared in the original Medarot game. It serves as Ikki's Medabot in the Rokusho version games, and as Metabee's rival elsewhere.


In the Rokusho versions of the video games, Rokusho is the player's partner Medabot, and the first Medabot Ikki Tenryou owns. As Rokusho most often appears with a Kuwagata Medal, he specializes in grappling tactics and hand-to-hand skills. In the televised anime series, Rokusho appears as a loner Medabot.

In the anime


Rokusho in the anime.

Rokusho is a mysterious Medabot. An old stag beetle-type (or KWG-11237 as stated in the dub versions) Medabot who possesses the Kuwagata medal. Almost always wearing a dirty old cloak, Rokusho appears to have no master, and he sporadically appears throughout the series, first appearing in episode ten (twelve in Japan) when saving a small puppy from a river in a rainstorm. When Metabee asks for Rokusho's name, he simply replies "My name is of no importance." He later explains that it is the only thing that he still owns. He spends a lot of the series searching for his lost Medafighter. He offers words of wisdom and help to Ikki and Metabee in Robattles, however, he dislikes the idea of Robattling for fun. His main goal is to protect Rare Medals, such as his own, and all forms of life.

Long ago, Rokusho did have a master, whose name was Dr. Hushi. However, he disappeared in a fire, whom we later find out was caused by the Rubberobo Gang, ordered by Dr. Meta-Evil. Rokusho was called Youhaku (Nickel-silver) by Dr. Hushi. Later on in the series, Rokusho reunites with his friend Baton, the robot parrot pet of Dr. Hushi. Baton is given false memories by Dr. Meta-Evil, to make Rokusho go berserk by learning that Dr. Aki killed Dr. Hushi. In reality, Dr. Meta-Evil gave the order to the Rubberobos to have Dr. Hushi killed. Dr. Hushi's body was never recovered from the fire. When searching through the remains though, Rokusho discovered a secret lab under the cottage, to learn that humans weren't the one that made the Medals in the first place, but an ancient civilization, made long before humans even existed.

Rokusho also possesses a rare medal, and can utilize the Medaforce through his Chanbara Sword. Rokusho is a very solemn Medabot, but is usually polite with others. He refuses to Robattle unless it is to defend someone or something, and is the only Medabot who goes by this way of life. He is also guided by a strong code of honor.

In Medabots (GBA)

In the GBA RPG, Rokusho is Ikki's first Medabot, given to him by Henry who sells Ikki a Tinpet and parts instead of a Spice-a-roni after his mother sends him to the store with a sum of money. However, despite his best efforts, he can't make Rokusho work, as he was given no accompanying medal. After his subsequent scoldeding by his mom, his father brings him back a Kuwagata Medal which, unbeknownst to Ikki, had been given to his father by the elusive Phantom Renegade.

In this game, Rokusho has the best male dual-legged part in terms of evasion and proximity.


Rokusho has a card in the Medabots Trading Card Game booster set. It attacks with "Piercing the Grappling Attack", which allows you to attack a second time in the space behind the targeted Medabot with a bonus to attack power, but only if the targeted Medabot is destroyed.

Its right part is also named "Sword" instead of Chanbara Sword.

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  • Metabee, Rokusho's rival and counterpart in the Metabee version games.
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