If at first you DO succeed... sit the second one out.

Full Recap

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The episode begins with Kam's flunkies challenging Peppercat to a two on one Robattle. It's a shocker as Peppercat manages to defeat both Exor and Unitrix, so Kam puts Samantha on his radar.

It ends up that Peppercat has been getting some training from Ginkai and Arc-Dash so she can become one of the best Medabot fighters around again. When Samantha gets challenged to a rematch, she accepts, and gets Ikki and Metabee involved at training her as well. Zuru also manages to overhear her accept the match, and he vows to be present should something go wrong.

During the training Arc-Dash reveals that he has feelings for Peppercat, and even though it doesn't make Metabee jealous, he decides to go harder during the training due to their love.

The next day Samantha shows up for the matchup with Spyke and Sloan, but it ends up being an ambush. Spyke and Sloan try to help out, but their Medabots are quickly defeating leaving Peppercat and Samantha in a 7 on 1 matchup.

While Samantha and Peppercat keep the Rogue Medafighters distracted, Sloan and Spyke get additional reinforcements from Ikki and Ginkai. Ikki and Ginkai rush to the battle scene causing some of the Rogue Medafighters to want to back off, but when the "Mystery Medafighter" shows up as well, all but the original 2 flee the battle scene.
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Peppercat defeats both Exor and Unitrix, but then Blakbeetle shows up and gets involved. Blakbeetle quickly knocks out Peppercat, so Ikki and the Mystery Medafighter have Metabee and Roks combine for a double Medaforce attack. Blakbeetle manages to dodge the attack, so they use their remaining energy to curve the attack and cause it to hit Blakbeetle. It doesn't cause a function cease though, so Blakbeetle decides to destroy everyone around.

As soon as Blakbeetle targets Samantha and Peppercat, Arc-Dash starts to go berserk. He powers up and summons the Medaforce. Everyone is shocked, so Arc-Dash releases the Medaforce blast on Blakbeetle causing her to cease functioning.

Afterwards, Ginkai reveals that he got Arc-Dash's Medal even before he got his first Medabot. When he was a kid, he made a lot of pictures of Medabots, and his dad promised to buy him a Medabot if he could protect the pictures. One day he lost the pictures, and one got run over by a man. The man stopped to help out
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though, and he gave Ginkai Arc-Dash's Medal to replace the picture he destroyed.

Zuru realizes that the man had to have been a Medabots scientist, and he also realizes that it had to be his father that gave Ginkai the Medal since none of the other scientists carried Medals around. One question remains though, what will Kam do with this new knowledge?

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