Model No. M4-KBT-5
Head: Ballister
Right Arm: Fusier
Left Arm: Blaster
Legs: Enplace
Medarot 3, Medarot 4, Medarot Navi, Medarot Brave, Medarot DS, Medarot 3 (manga), Medarot 4 (manga), Medarot Damashii, Medarot OCG, Toys

Saikachis (サイカチス), English name Saikachi or Metabee 2, is a KBT-type Medarot who appears as an upgrade to Metabee in Medarot 3. Saikachis also appears as a character in Medarot Damashii, under the name of Metabee.



Medachange form

Saikachi is a Medabot similar to a Beetle. Being a KBT type, it is mostly focused on shooting, which makes it suitable to wear shoot-based medals, especially the Kabuto one. However, its Medachanged form allows it to also shoot a powerful cannon attack and wear down enemies quickly, and to move easily in terrains like cities and stadiums.

In the anime


Saikachis in the anime.

Saikachis appears for the first time when Miss Nae gives Ikki new parts for his Metabee. This was because Metabee couldn't fight Ginkai's Desperado, a Kilobot. The fact it was a Death Medarot made its attacking parts useless, and the Medaforce couldn't deal damage, as they are based on feelings and a Death Medarot's medal has no feelings, and thus can't use or receive damage from a Medaforce. Even when keeping his name, Metabee changed his parts to Saikachis ones, which allowed it to perform a Medachange, and now, as a car, it could defeat Gundesperado by making its head hit the ground.

He is voiced by Junko Takeuchi, and in the English dub, by Joe Motiki.

In the games

In Medarot 4

Saikachis appears as Ikki's first Medarot in the Kabuto version, already upgraded from Metabee.

Library description: Beetle type Medarot. An expert in strong attacks!

In Medarot Brave

Quote: A containing attack by Right Arm. A counter by Left Arm. Missile to finish! I'm perfect!

Saikachis is seen as owned by Ikki in Medarot Brave. He is the first Medarot the player can acquire.

In Medarot DS

It can only be acquired via an event held between May 27th and June 7th, 2010, or by winning another player via Wi-Fi who uses this Medarot.



Note: In Medarot 3 and 4 stats, including Medachange, a stat listed as a / b (for example 1 / 2) means that the stat a belongs to Medarot 3, while the stat b belongs to Medarot 4.

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