Model No. SLR-0
Head: Fight Oneshot
Right Arm: Machinegun
Left Arm: Magnum
Legs: Mini-Skirt
Medarot (game), Medarot 2, Medarot 2 CORE, Medarot (manga), Medarot (anime)

Sailormates (セーラーメイツ), english name Sailormate, is the first SLR-Type Medarot. The most notable is Kirara who nicknames her Allumi.


Sailormate's main colors consist of black and white, similar to a standard girls' school uniform, tied with an orange bow. The shape of her head simulates a straight haircut. This medabot also has one gunbarrel on each arm.

In the anime


Sailormate is Siri's medarot. They are from Team Sweden.

In the games

In Medarot 1

Kirara owns Allumi.

In Medarot 2

It must be traded from Medarot 1. She was replaced by Sailor-Multi.

In Medarot 2 CORE

Only Arika and Ikki have Sailor-Multi, all other Sailor-Multi are replaced by Sailormates. You fight Phantom Lady with her Allumi, but you can't get her parts.

In the remake's english translation, her legs are mistakenly spelled as Mini-Scout instead of Mini-Skirt.

The english version says that Sailormates is not anymore for sale, but she isn't that rare compared to Sailor-Multi.


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