Kikuhime anime
English Voice Actor(s):

Julie Lemieux

Japanese Voice Actor(s):

Masami Suzuki












Boss (The Screws)

First Appearance

Stung by a Metabee

Last Appearance

Metabee's Last Stand

Samantha, named Kikuhime in the Japanese version, is a recurring character in Medabots.




Samantha is the leader of The Screws. She owns Peppercat, a cat type Medabot. She likes to use her skill in Robattling to harass other pupils of her school. Samantha is shown to also have a soft side, by helping her friends when they need it, but she doesn't like to admit she is soft. This is evident when Spyke had trouble when his Medabot Krosserdog left him. Samantha at first was reluctant to help him, but then disguised herself as the Chick Seller to give him her wisdom. She didn't seem to like it when when he recognised her.

One of her bad traits is that she can be a bit of an opportunist at times. When someone more powerful than the Screws arrives, she either proposes to join the stronger party, or just runs away, often leaving other characters alone with the stronger villain. She also seems to have some kind of rivalry with Erika Amazake. Their encounters often end in Samantha ridiculing Erika's new plan.

She also disguised herself as Space Medafighter X and fought at the Robattle Championship alongside Ikki and Koji. The real Space Medafighter X couldn't come, since he was exposed as being the Phantom Renegade, thus risking arrest when he would fight at the championship.

In Medabots Spirits, Samantha falls in love with Ginkai after he changes his attitude and has Arcbeetle-Dash.

In Medabots (GBA)

She fights with 1 Peppercat and 2 Redlaces.

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