Erika must choose between her integrity and journalistic success when she competes with Zumi and his Kilobot, Fotoshoot, in a "best scoop" contest.

Episode Summary

Scoop of the century 1
The Newspaper and the Broadcast Club are informed that they must merge or give up their club entirely! Erika (Newspaper Club) and Zumi (Broadcast Club) refuse to merge and decide to have a competition.

Kam wants to help Zumi and gives him the Kilobot, Fotoshoot. This Kilobot is able to broadcast the news as it happens.

Erika, in an effort to get the best scoop and following a suggestion from her friend, Moira, decides to interview Ikki. The article is a success until Zumi's broadcast draws the attention of their classmates. It shows poor Ikki in comical situations. Erika is furious! She decides to give the public what they want at Ikki's expense. One image even shows him throwing out a failed test, causing him to get tons of homework as punishment. Now Ikki is angry with Erika.
Scoop of the century 2

As the competition continues, we see Fotoshoot secretly catching Moira putting a love letter in the desk of her secret crush. At the same time, Erika is capturing people at their worst. When both competitors see a fire truck go by, Fotoshoot attacks Brass in order for Zumi to get to the scoop first.

A short time later while Nae Aki is repairing Brass, she learns that Brass really didn't want to fight. The Medabot admits that if she won, she would have to collect more terrible stories for Erika. Nae and Ikki try to explain to Erika that she is making fun of people, revealing their secrets, and betraying her friends. In other words, she is no better than Zumi. As they are telling her this, Moira comes running up crying.

Brass kicking ass
Erika and Ikki race to the school to find Zumi holding Moira's love letter. He is about to open it in front of the whole viewing audience. To avoid this, Brass takes on Fotoshoot. Erika is able to grab the letter from Zumi and scold him. Unbeknownst to Erika, Ikki is televising the whole thing. In the end, Brass takes down Fotoshoot, and Erika apologizes for acting the way she has.

The next day, Erika is overjoyed when the Newspaper club wins by a landslide. However, not long after, they learn that both clubs could stay and all this turmoil was for nothing. Oh well... Till next time!

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