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Shrimplips, named Salami in the Japanese version, is a character from Medabots.


Shrimplips is the youngest and most level-headed of the 4 main leaders of the Rubberobo Gang, and the one responsible for recruiting kids into joining the Rubberobos, attempting to bribe them with promises of power, or even free Medals. Ironically the "brains" of the Rubberobo command team, he dislikes adults, and believes that the future depends on the younger generation.


No. 3! Shrimpy Lippowitz!

In the anime, his secret identity is revealed to be Shrimpy Lippowitz, and he uses the Medabots Gokudo, Hakado, and Sir Gold, three Medabots based off the iconic chracters of the Chinese classic tale Journey To The West. The most loyal favorite of Dr. Meta-Evil, he nevertheless suffers from multiple childish behaviors and disorders that frequently hold him back, such as itchy diaper rash.

In Medabots (GBA)

In both the Rokusho and Metabee versions, he uses Gentleheart, a giant golem type Medabot.

Oddly enough, Shrimplips is the only Rubberobo leader with the same Medabot in both versions.

In Medabots Infinity

In this game, he owns Rhinorush, a rhinoceros type Medabot.

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