Model No.
Head:  ???
Right Arm:  ???
Left Arm:  ???
Legs:  ???
Medarot R (Japan only)
Medabots Spirits (anime)

Skelbot (known as Gairot in Japan) is a GLT-type Medabot based on a skeleton.


Skelbot is a dull-green flying-type Medabot with a skeleton motif. Its head looks like a long skull and it has glowing red eyes. Its legs are a series of pipes with a ribcage-like shape that it uses to stay airborne. It uses lasers to attack its opponents.

In the anime


In Medabots Spirits, Skelbot is a Kilobot used by Masa. Masa controls a group of over 10 Skelbots and uses them to perform co-ordinated formation attacks.

Samantha and her Peppercat were rewarded with a Skelbot leg part from Masa when she double-crossed Ikki. However, Peppercat was unable to control the power of Skelbot's flying legs and crashed when she tried to use them.

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