Model No. M4-APL-0
Head: Air-Flight
Right Arm: Air-Wing
Left Arm: Air-Fin
Legs: Air-Turbine
Medarot 3 and 4 (Japan only),
Medabots Spirits (anime), Medabots TCG

Skycargo is an APL-type Medabot modeled after an airplane. It first appears in the game Medarot 3, where it gives the player the ability to use the Wings of Wind.



Medachanged form

Skycargo is a bipedal Medabot, mainly pale blue and yellow in color. It has wing-like attachments on the backs of its shoulders, and small jet engines on both arms. Its eyes are covered by a dark blue visor, with a yellow fin on the top of its head.

In the games, Skycargo is capable of Medachanging into a small airplane, giving it high speed and mobility and the ability to fly. In both forms, all of Skycargo's attacks are Anti-Air, and its armor is weaker than that of most Medabots.

In the anime

Skycargo appears in episode 22 of Medabots Spirits, fought by Zuru and Gorem-2.

In the games

In both Medarot 3 and 4, the player is required to have an assembled Skycargo on their team for them to be able to use the Wings of Wind item, which allows them to teleport to previously visited places on the map.


Skycargo has a card in the Medabots Trading Card Game starter set. It attacks with a basic shooting attack.

Related Medabots

  • PLN-0 Femjet, the first airplane-based Medarot.