Episode Summary

The phantom is after Metabee's rare Medal...again. His plan is thwarted when Rokusho comes to assist.

The next day Dr. Aki introduces Ikki and Metabee to Kailey and her high-flying, plane-type Medabot, Femjet. Seems Femjet experienced an accident during an airshow and has since been unable to gain aeroform which allows her to recover from a free fall. Metabee wants to Robattle Femjet, but he is lacking aerial parts. When Ikki comes up with his own rendition of aeroparts, a Robattle ensues.

Metabee can't handle his poor aero parts and ends up defeating himself. How you ask? He blasted his seeker missiles at Femjet, but since Femjet never had to move an inch, the only heat source was Metabee. The missiles hit Metabee for a Robattle loss. The Rubberobos saw how Femjet didn't have to move an inch to win and assumed the bot had a rare Medal. They crudely snatch the bot.

In an effort to save Femjet, Dr. Aki transports an aero part that is a new design in testing. Meanwhile the Rubberobos send out their bot, Drakonfly to strike down their pursuers. After a lot of excitement in the sky, Metabee is able to save both Ikki and Femjet. Then the two bots work together to defeat Drakonfly. The battle helped Femjet regain her confidence as well as her aeroform. The good guys win again.

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