The Ancient
Model No. M2-SPT-1
Head: Drago Crystal
Right Arm: Cure Water
Left Arm: Repair Spring
Legs: Dragon Bed
Medarot 2, Medarot 2 CORE, Medarot (Anime)

The Ancient (ジ・エンシェント), English name Spitfire, is a SPT-type Medarot. Its parts have the same names as Moon Dragon's, only translated into English.


The Ancient resembles a dragon. One of its hands sets up team attacks, while the other hand executes them, and its head repairs damaged parts.

In the Anime

The Ancient is owned by a Medarotter called "Mr. Dragon" who came from Nagoya to challenge Ikki and Metabee shortly after the rankings show Ikki as Number 3 Medarotter in Japan. Its regenerative powers give Meta



bee a hard time until Ikki notices that the regenerator is in the head, signaled by its eyes glowing.

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