Spyke, named Iwanoi in the Japanese version, is a recurring character in Medabots.


Spyke is a member of The Screws. In most depictions, he uses either a Cyandog or Krosserdog as his Medabot. He is the wimp of the group who never wins his matches, but strives to please Samantha in any way he can, though he usually fails. This has resulted in him being fired from the group a few times. In some way or another, the Screws always end up being pitted against Ikki's gang. This started when Ikki first defeated the Screws in a Robattle with Metabee. Ever since, Samantha has been too stubborn to admit defeat. However, when the situation needs it, they may lend each other a helping hand.

In the anime

Puki ng Ina Niyo


At first, Spyke's Medabot is Cyandog, who always loses because Spyke has a Medal that's incompatible with his parts (a Monkey Medal, made for hand-to-hand combat, in a DOG-type body, made for shooting). Later when trying to improve Medal compatibility for his Monkey Medal he goes out and buys a newer DOG-type body.

Fixing this problem would be as simple as matching the right Medal to the right body type. Spyke however refuses to consider getting a shooting type Medal since that would mean he would be getting rid of his friend. This is made all the harder by his apparent preference to shooting types since, despite knowing now he should get a close combat type body for the Medal, which would mean he'd still have his friend only in a new body which could actually win battles, he chose to get a newer shooting type body for it where it is still highly incompatible.

He has an unfounded belief in his Medabot and tries his hardest to win Robattles. However, because his Medabot isn't compatible with its Medal he has earned his rank as the worst Medafighter in all of Japan.

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