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Squidguts, named Shiokara in Japan, is a character from Medabots.


Squidguts is the oldest leader of the Rubberobo Gang, playing the role of the team's "muscle". The polar opposite of Shrimplips, he has trouble with kids, and is a firm believer in senior superiority. Called upon whenever brute force is required, Squidguts is sadly good for little else, being infamous for his stupidity, even among the scatterbrained legions of the Rubberobo Gang.


Secret identity! Guido Guttaluchi!

Like the rest of his team, in the anime Squidguts is revealed to have a real name: Guido Guttaluchi. Using the Medabot Gobanko, he proved to be a powerful fighter, although he was often unsuccessful. His bumbling incompetence frequently caused more dificulty for his fellow Rubberobos than it did to his enemies.

In Medabots (GBA)

In the Metabee version, he owns Dashbutton, a boar type Medabot. In the Rkusho version, he owns Aviking, a giant squid type.

In Medabots Infinity

In this game, he uses Aviking, a giant squid type Medabot.

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