The arena is filled with people when Ms. Caviare makes her grand entrance as Space Medafighter X. Seaslug is shocked. The two make a deal... If Team Japan wins, Seaslug will leave the Rubberobos, however, but if Japan is defeated, Ms. Caviare will join the Rubberobos. She isn't worried with Belzelga by her side.

A confident Team Kenya enters, and soon the battle is underway. Ikki has Metabee and Sumilidon get in Kenya's faces while Belzelga hangs back to scope out the moves. Metabee and Sumilidon are taking excessive damage while Warbandit has yet to move. Dr. Aki recognizes this as "The Power Leech", which allows Warbandit to remain idle while feeding his power to the team's other bots. The bots will receive a boost in energy making them faster and more agile. Meanwhile, Warbandit will feel very little leaving him fresh when it is his turn to fight.

It doesn't look good for Team Japan until Ms. Caviare lets Belzelga take the lead. The bot deliberately misses it's targets in order to carve up the arena floor to slow down Team Kenya's attacks. It's helping, but Metabee and Sumilidon are still taking hits. Warbandit's speed helped in an attack that left Metabee's seeker missile unit off-line. Sumilidon's sword received damage as well. Ikki is losing hope when miraculously Belzelga uses his regenerating helmet to restore power to the team.

Angered, Victor initiates Plan B. Goriongo is sacrificed in order to take out Belzelga. This act causes Sumilidon to tap into the Medaforce, but Rhinorush was used as a shield to protect Warbandit. Only Warbandit remains for Team Kenya. Warbandit's speed allows him to easily take down Sumilidon. At this point Warbandit and Metabee remain.

A blast from Warbandit sends Metabee flying into Ikki... Both of them crashing into the back wall. Ikki's Medawatch comes loose and shatters onto the ground. A stunned audience watches as Ikki and Metabee continue their link even without the Medawatch. Their bond causes Metabee to tap into the Medaforce. BUT WAIT! Victor simply laughs defiantly, and suddenly, Warbandit taps into the Medaforce as well. A blinding light emits as both bots send out their powerful forces at one another. Who will win this incredible Robattle?

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