The Ankle Biters are a gang of pre-schooler Medafighters who use the Medabot Churlybear.

They appeared in episode 9 of the original anime series and are the main antagonists of that episode. Spyke (who is distraught over his loses as a Medafighter and getting fired from The Screws) decides that the only way to win was to defeat those that were weaker than him. His first targets were the Ankle Biters, who he thought were simple preschool kids. Despite Ikki Tenryou and Erika Amazake telling him to leave them alone, he challenges them anyway revealing their devious nature and their Medabot, Churlybear, for the first time. Not only does Spyke and Cyandog quickly lose, but the Ankle Biters declare themselves the best gang in town.

This loss not only causes Spyke to gain the hate of Samantha, but makes her challenge the Ankle Biters to a Robattle to show superiority. Unfortunately, her Peppercat loses in the same manner Spyke did, but this doesn't stop Spyke from challenging the Ankle Biters once more with Cyandog and a borrowed Medapart from Ikki. Spyke wins the rematch, causing the Ankle Biters to run away crying.

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