In order to keep his secret, Ginkai captures Honey, but before he can erase her memory, Metabee rescues her. Now who will rescue him...?

Full Recap

Ms. Nae and Honey are getting along better than ever, and Metabee begins falling in love with Honey. They head to Ms. Nae's shop every day to spend time with them, and Honey is being sent out to deliever Medaparts to kids that are ordering them.

That night, Honey is taking Medaparts to a kid when she spots Ginkai doing something. Ginkai can't stand it, so he uses Unitrix to knock Honey out.

The next day, Ms. Nae's shop is closed. Ikki and Metabee arrive and help Ms. Nae search for Honey. Metabee spots Ginkai doing something suspicious, so he decides to follow him. He goes to Ginkai's house where he spots Ginkai about to delete Honey's memory. He busts into the house, and protects Honey. Him and Honey escape into the sewer, but Ginkai sends Unitrix out to track them.

As night arrives, Ms. Nae drops Ikki off at his house. The two decide to get together at 6 AM to see if they can find both Honey and Metabee.

The next day arrives, and Ikki gets a signal from Metabee's watch. The two rush off following the signal, but Ginkai gets there first. He's all set to delete Honey's memory when his sister arrives. His sister shows them a tape Ginkai was trying to get rid of that shows him trying to cut up his baby pictures. Ginkai feels he is ruined, and Honey gets to keep her memory.

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