Everyone is shocked to discover the Rubberobo Gang are behind the World Robattle Federation. No one is more surprised than Ms. Caviare who still harbors feelings for Mr. Tunahead a.k.a. Seaslug.

Meanwhile Dr. Aki continues to run tests on Sumilidon. He thinks his startling new power may be the key to defeating the Rubberobo Gang, and that the power may have some connection to the ancient Medabots of long ago.

Later that day, Ikki, Metabee, and Erika visit Belmont in his hospital room. In talking, Ikki decides to focus the attention on Victor and Warbandit during their Robattle. Belmont chuckles at the lack of a definitive plan, but he has faith Ikki will get their Medals back.

In another part of town Ms. Caviare is desperately trying to get in contact with Mr. Tunahead, but he is cold and will not see her. At the same time Samantha, Sloan, and Spyke practice so they can fill-in for Space Medafighter X.

The scene changes to Victor and Warbandit meeting up with the Rubberobo Gang. Victor hands them the Medals in exchange for cash. Rokusho sees this taking place and confronts Victor. Victor angrily tell him to "be off!!"

Back at the Medabot Corporation, Ms. Caviare overhears Dr. Aki and the Phantom Renegade discussing tomorrow's Robattle. She can't believe they are working together. As a form of blackmail, she insists that she fill in for Space Medafighter X.

The weather has become gloomy, and it's begun to rain. Mrs. Tenryou accidentally splashes Victor as she is backing her car out of the convenience store. Unaware of whom he is, she insists he comes over while she dries his clothes. She offers him a hot bath, cutesy pies, and begins preparing a delicious meal. Ikki arrives home, and the two rivals stare at one another. Mrs. Tenryou finally realizes who Victor was. She makes an excuse to leave so the two can talk.

Victor tells Ikki of the 10 days of darkness and how his whole family was lost. Even after the tragedy the public never lost their taste for Robattling. Now he feels that Medabots are simply tools, and he sells his skills to the highest bidder. Ikki and Metabee hang their heads as Victor leaves their home.

The final minutes of the episode shows flashes of everyone the night before the match. As the sun rises, music resembling a battle-march plays while everyone approaches the arena for the final decisive battle.

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