Team Japan loses two of their Medabots and Team France seems suspicious.


On the morning of Team Japan's World Championship Robattle against Team France, Ikki is shocked to discover that Metabee's Rare Medal has been stolen. Koji's Sumilidon has suffered the same fate. Henry thinks that this isn't a coincidence. He's heard a rumor concerning the members of Team France: Jean-Luc, Jean-Guy and Jean-Paul Beret. It's suspected that they've won all their matches by stealing their opponents' Medals. This leaves their competition without any functioning Medabots, and Team France wins by default each time.

It turns out that the Beret brothers, who are masters of disguise, did steal their Medals by impersonating Ikki and Koji's butler. One of the brothers eavesdrops on Ikki, and he learns the identity of Space Medafighter X (in this case, Karin, who's filling in for the real X once again). The brothers then try to steal Team Japan's last remaining Medal from Saintnurse. Foiled by the Phantom Renegade, they take Karin with them instead. Ikki and Koji find her, but all three get trapped in a locked room by the brothers. If they don't escape shortly, they'll be no-shows for their match, and Team Japan will lose by default.

The Phantom Renegade buys some time for the missing team members by rounding up Samantha to impersonate Space Medafighter X in the match. Back in the lockup, Karin uses one of her expensive high-tech gadgets, and the kids escape- but not before bringing with them the proof they need to show that the Beret brothers are cheaters: the bag containing all the Medals that the brothers have stolen. With their own Medals now returned to them, Metabee trounces Team France using the Medaforce, and Mr. Referee bars the Beret brothers from professional Robattling forever.

Today's Robattle

France is disqualified.

Japan advances to the next round.

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