Series Name
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date 7/23/1999 (Japan)

9/15/2001 (U.S.)

Written by Reiko Yoshida (Script) and Tensai Okamura (Storyboard)
Directed by Yuki Arie
Episode Guide
Running Scared
The Old Man and the Sea Monster

Episode 04: 伝説のメダロッター (Densetsu no Medarottaa) / The Legendary Medarotter

Episode Summary

Ikki and Erika meet Koji and Karin, two rich kids from the nearby private school. When rumours spread that a Legendary Medafighter is at the school, the pair decide to sneak in. Could there be any link between their new friends and the mysterious adversary or is it all a coincidence?

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