Embracing change is hard, but resisting it is harder.

Full Recap

Nae Aki gets offered a new job from a man named Charlie. It's a Medabot building job for the summer, but Ikki and Metabee feel they are being abandoned by Ms. Nae. As a result, they decide they must work to get Ms. Nae back. They get their chance when they see Charlie using a Kilobot in Robattles, but he's Robattling by the rules and losing without much of a fight.

As Ikki and Metabee run to tell Ms. Nae the truth, they find out they were all part of an experiment to see how kids react when they are run into by opposing forces. Charlie then decides to Robattle Ikki and Metabee with his real Medabot, King Tank. Ikki realizes Charlie's Medabot has only one weakness: it's in the legs. Metabee tries to use this news to his advantage, but Charlie is to smart for that. It appears that Charlie is destined to win until his Medabot runs out of power for not being properly charged while Charlie was testing the Kilobots. He promises to give Metabee and Ikki a better battle next time.

Ikki and Metabee realize that changing will be difficult, but they will still be able to keep there friendship with Ms. Nae. Then Ms. Nae arrives in her truck outside of Ikki's house. They realize it's the weekend, and she still has weekends off. They run to congratulate her and have some fun by playing around.

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