Episode Summary

On his way to school, Ikki stops to chat with the florist, Mr. Richards, and his flower type Medabot, Floro. As Ikki talks about Robattling, his beautiful music teacher, Ms. Mimosa, arrives to purchase some flowers. Mr. Richards is so taken with her that he can hardly speak. Ikki notices this and thinks they would make the perfect couple. Erika reminds Ikki that Coach Mountain is also interested in Miss Mimosa.

Soon Miss Mimosa starts receiving telephone hang-ups and anonymous notes from a secret admirer. At the same time Ikki is trying desperately to get shy Mr. Richards to ask Miss Mimosa out on a date. Unfortunately, Coach Mountain always seems to be around.

When Erika and Ikki learn of this mysterious secret admirer, they are determined to find out who it is. Erika uses Salty to help, and soon they are led back to the flower shop where they find pictures of Miss Mimosa. At the same time, Ikki and Mr. Richards are secretly spying outside Ms. Mimosa's home. Who should appear? ...None other than Squidguts! He saw her walk by the Rubberobo's headquarters, and now he wants to marry her. Minutes later, Coach Mountain arrives and an argument ensues. Miss Mimosa insists they stop fighting just as Erika walks up. She declares that it was Mr. Richards who is sending the notes.

Everyone is arguing when suddenly there is a scream. Floro has taken Ms. Mimosa captive in the greenhouse. He refuses to give her up saying no one is good enough for her. Even Metabee can't help for fear of hurting Ikki's teacher. Knowing this, Floro taunts Metabee and forces him to climb a tree and act like a monkey. While Floro was distracted, Mr. Richards swings from a vine and knocks Floro away from Miss Mimosa. Metabee then restrains the disobedient Medabot.

Floro is remorseful and admitted he did it to bring his Medafighter and Miss Mimosa together but then he himself became smitten. Mr. Richards forgives him.

Will Mr. Richards ever get the courage to ask Miss Mimosa out? I believe everything happens for the best!

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