A Tinpet is the skeleton and one of the core components needed to create a Medabot; without it a Medabot cannot be assembled. There are two types of Tinpet; Male and Female. Male Tinpets are used to create male Medabots, while female Tinpets are used to create female Medabots.

Tinpets and Medaparts

Medaparts can be either male or female. They relate to the Tinpet in two ways:

  • Medaparts must be attached to a Tinpet for them to work.
  • Male parts are for male Tinpets; female parts are for female Tinpets.

It is important to recognise this difference for the Medafighter, or else the parts will just not assemble.

Although many do, not every female Medabot will neccesarely look female. One example of this is Blakbeetle, which is a female Medabot.

Many female Medabots specialize in repair and support functions. However, not all female Medabots are kind, and some are even sinister. Examples are Stone Mirror, Redrun, and Black-Stag, which can cause terrifying amounts of damage.

In the anime

There are a few times when female Medabots have worn male parts in the anime. For example, Samantha had her Peppercat installed with Kuraba's "Decoy Crab" and Robo-Emperor's "Death Beam" parts, both of which were male parts. However, she wasn't able to use them properly.