In every game, there is a trap. A trap usually has a Defend or Set-Up Skill. Traps are different in Medarot G and Medabots AX, where it is a status effect. It usually has a Defense or Set-up Skill.

Traps in medaparts and medachange drive

Shooting Trap (射撃トラップ)-Damages Medarots using Parts/Medachange drives with a Firing or Sniping skill. Very fatal to KBT-Types. Main trap of female Medarots.

Grapple Trap (格闘トラップ)-Damages Medarots using Parts/Medachange drives with a Striking or Berserking skill. Very fatal to KWG-Types. Main trap of male Medarots.

First Aid (ファーストエイド)-Restores broken Parts of allies. Only restores 1 armor.

Force Plant (フォースプラント)-Become immune to Laser and Beam attacks. Also prevents loss of Medaforce when in Medachange (power) form.

Search Clear (索敵クリア)-Erases an enemy's scout.

Conceal Clear (隠蔽クリア)-Erases an enemy's conceal.

Single-engine Clear (単発クリア)-Erases an enemy's forcedrain.

Attack Clear (攻撃クリア)-Erases an enemy's attack. However, it doesn't work on Destroy, Assasin, Time Attack and Sacrifice attacks.

Cross Attack/Team Attack Set (クロス攻撃セット)-A powerful attack whose damage and success rate increase by reinforcing. A main attack of Antacker and Antoldier combined.

Trap Clear (トラップクリア)-Removes a trap set by the enemy.

Traps that consume Medaforce

Anti-Attack Trap (攻撃トラップ)-Damages an attacking Medarot.

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