Model No. M4-KWG-6
Stag Beetle
Head: Squire
Right Arm: Ripper
Left Arm: Hanger
Legs: Departure
Medarot 4 and Navi (Japan only)
Medabots Spirits (anime)

Tyrelbeetle is a KWG-type Medabot based on a stag beetle.



Medachanged form

Tyrelbeetle's most distinctive features are its bright blue color and its enormous shoulder-mounted horn-claws. It is capable of Medachanging into a low-to-the-ground wheeled form and, in that form, combining with Arcbeetle-Dash.

In the anime


Tyrelbeetle in the anime

Tyrelbeetle is a prominent Medabot featured in Medabots Spirits. It was first introduced alongside Arcbeetle-Dash as a prototype at the Medabots Corporation, where Zuru and Ikki were given the opportunity to try them out using Gorem-2 and Metabee's medals, respectively. Zuru and Gorem-2 handled the body expertly. Later, the two prototypes were offered as the prize for a Robattle Tournament, and were won by Ginkai. Shortly thereafter, Ginkai gave Tyrelbeetle's parts to Zuru in his guise as the Mystery Medafighter, who once again used it with Gorem-2's Ghost Medal.

When Gryphon attacked Ginkai, he fused him with Arcbeetle-Dash to form Masterbeetle.

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