Model No. M4-KLN-1
Head: Re-Inforce
Right Arm: Shoot Sphere
Left Arm: Duct Shooter
Legs: Migrater
Medarot 3, 4, and Navi (Japan only)
Medabots Spirits (anime)

Unitrix (known as Unitris in Japan) is a KLN-type Medabot modeled after a lion. It is the upgraded version of Warbandit.



Medachanged form

Like its predecessor Warbandit, Unitrix is based on an african lion. Although mainly specialized in shooting attacks, its head part, the Re-Inforce, allows it to charge up and increase its allies' speed in team Robattles.

Unitrix can Medachange into a 4-legged form where its cannons move to the sides of his head. In this form, Unitrix gains wheels on its feet, increasing its speed dramatically on even terrain.

In the anime

In Medabots Spirits, Unitrix is a Kilobot used by Ginkai and Kam. Together with Exor, Unitrix was used to cause riots in the city. Both Kilobots were among Kam's favourites.

Related Medabots

  • Warbandit, the original lion Medabot.
  • Exor, Unitrix's sabertooth tiger-type counterpart.

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