Model No. File:M2-SNG-0.gif
Musical Instrument
Head: Larynx
Right Arm: Sound Copy
Left Arm: Return Sound
Legs: Pipe Organ
Medarot 2, Medarot 2 CORE, Medarot (anime)

Volumeten (ボリュームテン) is the original SNG-type Medarot.


In the anime

It appeared as a cameo in the episode 7 (episode 9 in Japan), where it is seen being defeated by Kagamiyama 's Kiethturtle. Kagamiyama wins its Pipe Organ part afterwards.

In the games

In Medarot 2 and 2 CORE

Volume10 is used by Sarami, together with Turn Monkey. His head is a Napalm attack while the arms are shields.

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