Dr. Meta-Evil has taken control of the Robattle stadium, and has driven all the Medabots within into a strange trance. Metabee is among them, and he is reliving a distant past, where Medabots of all makes and models rule the planet. Sadly, in this beautiful world, he is forced to fight until he is the last Medabot standing.

Metabee and Brass

Back in the present time, Dr. Meta-Evil outlines his schemes for Medabot domination, and he stuns the Rubberobo Gang by telling them that they no longer have any place in his plans. He further shocks everyone by claiming that he, in reality, is a Medabot! While Dr. Meta-Evil thwarts a rescue attempt, the Phantom Renegade reveals the only way to stop the Medabots from re-enacting another Ten Days of Darkness upon the city: the destruction of a Rare Medal! Ikki refuses, and he vows to always protect Metabee's Rare Medal. He tries to wake his friend, but as he touches Metabee's armor, Ikki is transported directly into the Medabot's strange dream...


Ikki finds Metabee in a weird fantasy world, and he convinces him to return to the present time to stop Dr. Meta-Evil. It takes a little bit of a squabble, but Metabee finally relents. Soon, all the Medabots come out of their trance, and Dr. Meta-Evil is forced to fight. Frustrated, the mad doctor turns his arsenal on Victor. At the last moment, Warbandit steps in front of Victor to save him from the attack. Victor is in one piece; Warbandit is not so lucky. Victor learns the worth of a Medabot friendship, but maybe too late. Dr. Meta-Evil escapes, the crowd is rescued, but is that all? From the ashes of the stadium, a new threat emerges. It's Dr. Meta-Evil, in the cockpit of a giant Medabot...

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