Model No. M4-KLN-0
Head: Tension Up
Right Arm: Shoot Barrel
Left Arm: Range Shooter
Legs: Abductor
Medarot 2, 3, 4, R, and G (Japan only)
Medabots (GBA), Medabots AX
Medabots (anime), Medabots TCG

Warbonnet (ウォーバニット), known in English as Warbandit is a KLN-type Medabot that first appeared in Medarot 2. Alongside Sumilidon, Warbandit serves as a "rival" model for the KBT and KWG series.


Warbandit is a Medabot that resembles a lion. As such he has his Shoot Barrel and Range Shooter Medaparts, whose firing rates aren't that high, but can deal plenty of damage. To help his speed, Warbandit has the Tension Up head part, allowing him to move faster. In addition, he also has the ability to increase the power of other Medabots, but must remain completly motionless to do so.

In the anime

Warbandit is the Medabot belonging to Victor, apparently having been commanded by him during multiple official Robattle tournaments. Warbandit is a Medabot who possesses a rare Kabuto Medal that allows him to access the Medaforce. Warbandit is a fiercely loyal Medabot who, as a general rule, displays little to no emotion, but apparently does seem to care somewhat for his owner Victor. Warbandit is also distinguished as a many-time world champion of multiple World Robattle Championship tournaments.

During the Ten Days of Darkness, Warbandit (involuntarily) attacked his own Medafighter while helping the other Medabots destroy Kenya. After that day, Victor lost trust in Warbandit, and started to treat him just as a machine rather than a friend. Warbandit deeply regrets this, and longs for Victor to be his friend again, and so obeys every order in hopes of regaining this forgotten trust.

During Dr. Rubberrobo's assault on the Championship arena, Warbandit acted of his own will to leap between Victor and an attacking Medabot, saving his old friend and causing Victor to realize Warbandit had always followed him simply because the robot still considered Victor his friend. Warbandit's parts, and even his Tin Pet, were damaged beyond repair by the battle, but Victor managed to retrieve his Medal, promising that they would battle together again soon.

In Medabots (GBA)

Warbandit appears as Koji's main Medabot in the Rokusho versions. Later, he backs up his Warbandit with other Medabots like Rockflower.


Warbandit has a card in the Medabots Trading Card Game booster set. He attacks with a basic shooting attack.

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