Ikki shows the Mystery Medafighter how his obsession with destroying the Kilobots makes him become similar to Kam, as they both treat their Medabots as simple objects of destruction.


Kam wants Kilobots to saturate the market, which would eventually make Medabots obsolete. He believes that Kilobots were not meant to Robattle, but to simply eliminate their opponent. So he puts a plan into action.

That morning, Spyke and Krosserdog are out for a run when a couple of Skelbots (Kilobots) deliberately take out Krosserdog. In fact, the Skelbots are out destroying all Medabots!! When Brass is threatened, Ikki arrives to help. So does a mysterious boy with his Medabot, Roks. The boy is dressed in a hat and black cloak so very little of him is exposed. Roks easily defeats the Skelbots leaving Ikki feeling inferior.

After Brass is out of danger (thanks to the cloaked boy), Erika takes a picture of his back when he turns to leave. She is determined to write a story on him, calling him the Mystery Medafighter.

The Screws end up maliciously taking the picture from Erika. They take it to Kam saying that he can have it if he gives them a special part (flight system) for Peppercat. (Guess she didn't learn from the last experience.) When the picture actually reveals nothing, Kam has Samantha put posters around the city stating that Ikki wants to challenge the Mystery Medafighter.

Not far off, Ikki and Metabee have run into a new boy and his Medabot. Ikki finds out the boy is going to their school, and his name is Zuru. They both see what Samantha is doing, and it turns out (for his pride's sake) Ikki does want to Robattle the Mystery Medafighter. When the two meet face to face, Kam shows up and takes on the Mystery Medafighter himself. Ikki is left to fend off Masa and his gang of Skelbots.

As the battles begin, Samantha looks as if she's going to help Ikki... Until Masa gives her the flight system. Turned out to be a good thing since Peppercat couldn't handle it and ended up taking out at least half of the Skelbots by accident. Metabee was able to handle the rest.

Meanwhile Kam and the Mystery Medafighter continue to push their Medabots in battle until Ikki yells for them to stop. He tells the Mystery Medafighter that he's no better than Kam since all he wants to do is destroy. The Mystery Medafighter realizes he is right and leaves with Roks.

A little while later, Miss Nae is informed of the events. She feels relieved when Ikki reassures her that they won't turn out like Kam. Medabots are their friends. Then Erika says she loves a good story, and she's determined to find out who the Mystery Medafighter is!

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