Model No. M4-ALN-1
Head: Odd Body
Right Arm: Odd Hand
Left Arm: Odd Arm
Legs: Odd Leg
Medarot 3 and 4 (Japan only)
Medabots TCG

Wire-Alien is an ALN-type Medabot based on an alien. It is the upgraded version of Cosmo-Alien.


Wire-Alien's design makes it look like a cross between a grey alien and a featureless mannequin. Its face is smooth with no eyes and a black seam down the center. It also has two objects floating above its hands that look like miniature planets with Saturn-like rings.

Much like Cosmo-Alien, Wire-Alien fights by transforming its body into random Medaparts used by other Medabots.


Wire-Alien has a rare card in the Medabots Trading Card Game booster set. Its ability is "All-Around Change", which allows the player to use the special effects of Medabots in their hand, discarding the special Medabot cards afterwards.

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