Wonder Angel
Model No. M4-ANG-1
Head: Cherub Body
Right Arm: Cherub Hand
Left Arm: Cherub Arm
Legs: Cherub Leg
Medarot 2, Medarot R, Medarot 4, Medarot 2 CORE

Wonder Angel (ワンダエンジェル), english name Wonder-Angel, is a ANG-type Medarot modeled after an angel. She is the upgraded version of Heal Angel.


Wonder-Angel is a blue-bodied angel. She can steal Medaforce from a single enemy using her head. Her arms, which have tiny wings, can recover armor (right) and repair parts (left). She has flying legs, but they do not look regularly, unlike other Medarots with the same type. Sometimes., the legs are closed shut.

Her figure is used again when RestoreAnge and ReviveAnge were created. RestoreAnge is blue, while ReviveAnge is pink.

In the games 

She can steal Medaforce from a single enemy using her head. Her right and left arms have Repair and Revive actions, respectively.

In Medarot R 

She obtainable from the Part Collection by fighting しょうじょ that is ranked opponent number 58.

In Medarot DS 

Although Wonder Angel herself does not appear in Medarot DS, her design was reused for the new ANG types, RestorAngel and ReviveAngel. RestorAngel is blue and looks identical to Wonder Angel, while ReviveAngel is a pink colored version.

Related Medarots

  • DVL-1 Belzelga, its devil equivalent
  • AAG-0 Particle, an arch angel type Medarot.
  • SRN-0NF Sacred, a Medarot similar to Wonder Angel.
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